Technical Buyer / NPI Buyer

Job description

The role

This is a strategic purchasing role supporting the NPI buyer manager to build a supply chain which is of high quality, reliable, flexible and value adding for Brompton’s new product development projects. This is a very exciting role and will be part of the team to shape Brompton’s future supply chain.

Main duties and responsibilities

  • To analyse the current supply chain base and come up with strategic supply chain plan based on commodities or manufacturing process.
  • To source new suppliers to satisfy the immediate new project demand and possible future requirements following Brompton’s supplier selection process and make any possible improvements to this process.
  • To audit suppliers together with the supplier quality engineer team and provide report from commercial views.
  • To understand the requirements of products/projects, come up with tender plans and run tenders.
  • To understand and build shadow costing, analyse the product costing structure and cost drivers.
  • To advise the business the most cost effective and value adding supply chain solutions or manufacturing process by working with suppliers.
  • To negotiate the best costings and terms & conditions with the supplier.
  • To carry out all the tactical purchasing duties such as vendor set-up, raising orders, making sure invoices are paid, parts are delivered in time on full for the new projects.
  • To work with the warehouse team to come up with the best storing plan for the new products.
  • To be the main link between the Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Supplier Quality and the Supply chain team
  • To track costs for all new projects against budgeted expectations
  • To establish item packs for new items that covers the item life cycle, including item set-up, vendor contracts, Service level agreements and tooling agreements
  • Any other jobs that may be deemed necessary by the NPI Buyer Manager
  • Must be able to use Microsoft Office suite
  • Basic understanding of engineering drawings
  • Basic understanding of manufacturing process of plastic moulding parts and metals, e.g. injection moulding, forging, extrusion, CNC machining.
  • Must exhibit good interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to prepare, plan and execute on your own initiative
  • Keen attention to details
  • Must have a “hands on” approach and a can-do attitude
  • 2-3 years’ purchasing work experience in a manufacturing environment will be ideal.

Job Profile

Brompton utilizes Personal Profile Analysis and Psychometric Assessment during the recruitment process. This allows to identify the ideal behavioral requirements for each job function in terms of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The ideal behavioral profile for this role is set out below:

The Job Profile indicates that the person in this job should be friendly, assertive, independent, quick paced and have the ability to motivate others. Contact ability and communication are also likely to be key notes, as the job environment may require the active influencing and persuading of a variety of people in changing situations. The generation of many contacts and involvement in selling a product or concept by gaining willing acceptance may be important within the function. The incumbent should enjoy challenging situations and have the flexibility to work in an unstructured environment where there is freedom to act and the authority to take decisions. The job will best be fulfilled by a person who is self-confident, enthusiastic, friendly, positive, self-starting, competitive, venturesome, mobile, active, alert and independent. The achievement of results through people is important to the function.

Influence (High I)

  • Social activities and community responsibilities external to the organisation will sometimes be required of the successful candidate.
  • Optimally, the position will be filled with someone who possesses a confident and poised approach.
  • Candidates who exude natural self-confidence will be actively sought after.

Dominance (High D)

  • · The ability to solve problems and react quickly to change will be favourable.
  • · An assertive, but not an aggressive, style could be a requirement of this post.
  • · The ability to set tough goals may be an important role requirement.

Compliance (Low C)

  • · Firm, even, at times, unconventional independence, will be a requirement of this position.
  • · It would appear that the post is calling for people who are tenacious and firm in their opinions and decisions. Recommended candidates will, in most instances, be persistent and at times intractable in the positions which they may adopt.

Steadiness (Low S)

  • · Being self-critical and fault-finding will play an important part in the delivery of superior performance.
  • · Candidates who are always looking for new and better ways of doing things will be welcomed in this role.
  • · Mobility and alertness will be required of incumbents who intend to perform satisfactorily in this position.

Job requirements


A qualification in a related purchasing field would be desirable, such as CIPS level, however the ability to demonstrate a solid working knowledge in purchasing environment is essential.