Supply Planner

Job description

The role of the Supply Planner requires a highly meticulous, commercially rounded, organised planner, to take immediate ownership of Supply planning activities. Reporting directly to the Demand Planner, this role carries a significant degree of authority, autonomy and organisation, as you become responsible for the ensuring Supply is in line with Demand. Your role requires you to have the ability to look at the chain from upstream and downstream with both short- and long-term planning in mind.

Working closely with the Purchasing team, the Inventory team, the Demand Planning and the project managers, you shall develop Supply recommendations and highlight their impacts to the business (Stock holding, space). Accordingly, your work requires tight, cross functional collaboration. Being capable of building and maintaining effective and trusting relationships is therefore paramount in this pivotal position.

Brompton operates a lean manufacturing policy and bikes are produced to order, all year round. Creating reliable and sustainable processes to answer demand will be paramount to ensure business continuity through our ramp up phase.

Brompton has launched its new ERP, which enables us to deploy significant business process changes. You will work with the Supply Chain and logistics teams to understand and define the ideal stock of components required at any point in time to fulfil customers’ expectations, while supporting performance objectives to improve cash flow through reduction of safety stock and lead-times. This balancing act will require you to participate, build and defend cases through our monthly S&OP Process, therefore, problem-solving and continuous improvement shall be key feature of your role.
This is a role for someone who wants to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in and who is keen to learn the full breadth of our company’s activities and products, who is ready to progress in a role they are already sure-footed in, and who is excited by the potential of a long-term commitment to this fast-growing British success story.

The person
The successful candidate will be able to remain confident when dealing with difficult situations and encourage others to have ideas and create new creative solutions to problems. They will encourage others to effectively and efficiently at a level that is understood by all involved in project planning and develop a culture of participation.
The ideal candidate will be able to meet and build relationships with others, both externally and internally and motivate them to seek opportunities and achieve high performance standards. They should mentor and coach those in need of support and direction and build morale within the company by sharing a positive ambition and vision.
The person occupying this role should always remain rational when dealing with strong characters, ensure they work within organisational requirements, be systematic and factual when dealing with colleagues and handle all conflict in an accommodating manner and use practicality as a method for reaching a solution. The person will need to develop a team atmosphere through hard work and consistency. The ideal person must focus on results and willingly tackle problems which hinder the achievement
of their objectives and bring a sense of urgency to situations, demonstrate an active approach, be willing to get involved in order to increase the pace and complete projects. 

The person occupying this should be driven to achieve results in a friendly manner but at the same time maintain quality and standards. The person in this the role will have specialist skills and will work within an area of expertise. They will be good communicators, enjoy challenging situations and take a systematic approach to problems. The ideal person will be positive, participate, self-confident, friendly, self-starting, inquisitive, imaginative, factual, consistent and self-disciplined. Activity, mobility, flexibility, variety and pace are important aspects within the function.

Main duties

Supply Planning

    ▪ Develop in line with Supply chain and Planning teams, the safety Stock policy of components based on business factors (ABC Classification, Forecast accuracy, PBOMs, WIP, Supplier lead times, Supplier risk, etc.)

    ▪ Anticipating stock demands based on current and future business functions.

    ▪ Analysing and anticipating market trends for the best time to purchase inventory.

    ▪ Develop current and projected inventory reports and present suggestions to Purchasing teams

    Ensuring the business has a steady flow of stock without overcapitalizing on materials.

    Suggest changes to inventory warehousing to meet increased or reduced demand.

    ▪ Assessing the financial structure and inventory storage capabilities of the business.

    ▪ Developing and maintaining ABC classification

    ▪ Anticipate Slow and Busy Supply (Suppliers holidays, increase global demand) and Demand Periods (Seasonality) to adjust requirement for stock holding

    ▪ Develop & share with Purchasing team and Suppliers, Material Requirement plans and support Suppliers in creating Capacity Contingency Plans

    Advance Planning System

      ▪ Increase APS accuracy by ensuring stakeholders participation in maintaining items, parameters and all other inputs up to date

      Inventory & Capacity

        ▪ Assess stock requirements impact on available storage space and develop warehouse capacity plans to support logistics

        Product Lifecycle Management

          ▪ Coordinating components phase out with stakeholders to support appropriate warranty stock and reduce risk of distressed and obsolete stock, while limiting requirement for promotional activities.

          ▪ Coordinating new products with stakeholders

          ▪ Participating and supporting improvement of PLM processes.

          Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

            ▪ Actively participating in S&OP process steps 3 (Supply review) to ensure supply is in line with demand.

            ▪ Develop current and projected inventory reports to feed S&OP process with sufficient data to enable trade off


              ▪ Preparing a variety of status reports in Excel and Word

              ▪ Contributing to continuous improvement of systems and processes.

              Job requirements

              Personal Requirements

              ▪ A positive, can do attitude is essential for working at Brompton

              ▪ Autonomous

              ▪ Highly numerate logical thinker

              ▪ Strong organisational and Problem solving skills

              ▪ Market aware and commercially focussed

              ▪ Attention to detail and a willingness to dig down into details while retaining a sense of the broader picture

              ▪ Must be able to work under pressure

              ▪ Ability to work in a multicultural and multilingual environment

              ▪ An understanding of Brompton’s ethos and how this has shaped its brand values

              ▪ Passionate, determined and resourceful

              ▪ Structured, process driven and exceedingly organised

              ▪ Personable and engaging, both internally and as an ambassador for Brompton Bicycle

              ▪ Valid Passport and authorised to work within the UK

              Skills and Experience

              • Degree in Supply Chain or Business with Supply Planning track
              • Knowledge of Bill of Materials, ABC Classification, Safety stock rules
              • Must have excellent Microsoft Excel and analytical skills
              • 3 years’ working experience in Supply Planning or Purchasing
              • Experience working with ERP (Ideally Infor CSI)
              • Fluent English communication skills - both verbal and written, with a confident and professional manner
              • Knowledge of Supply Chain Models, S&OP, capacity planning.
              • Power BI experience is a plus, though not required
              • Experience leading process change through continuous improvement is a plus

              Job Profile

              Brompton utilises Personal Profile Analysis and Psychometric Assessment during the recruitment process. This allows to identify the ideal behavioural requirements for each job function in terms of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The ideal behavioural profile for this role is set out below:

              Influence (High I)

                · The possession of leadership, influential and motivational skills is vital to this function

                · Will be able to establish and cultivate relationships with others.

                · Create a positive and friendly work atmosphere for all involved and be able to work with others

                Compliance (High C)

                  · Diplomacy and compliance with policy and procedures are needed for this role

                  · Be able to subscribe to strict standards of quality and accuracy.

                  · Being methodical, systematic and precise is vital for this role

                   Dominance (High D)

                    · A degree of strategic expertise and commercial vision is vital for this role

                    · Will be able to handle constructive criticism with confidence.

                    · Will have Problem solving capabilities

                    · Reasonable experience and skills in dealing with strong characters is needed

                    · Achievement of objectives will be an important factor for this role  

                     Steadiness (Low S)

                      · Have a demonstrative and determined intent to complete assignments within time scales

                      · Demonstrate energy levels and work at the required pace needed

                      · Will be Alert and have a self-critical nature when approaching projects