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Senior Manufacturing Engineer

United Kingdom, England, LondonManufacturing Engineering

Job description

Job title: Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Department: Manufacturing Engineering

Responsible to: Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Salary: Competitive

Hours: 40 hours per week, excluding lunch breaks

Job Purpose

Tasked with investigating, developing, and implementing solutions to issues throughout the factory, the Senior Manufacturing Engineer will be responsible in leading projects that contribute towards improving manufacturing efficiencies safely by utilizing lean manufacturing and continuous improvement techniques. While this role will be responsible for the entire factory floor, it will focus on manufacturing processes.

Main duties

  • Lead continuous improvement projects to improve manufacturing efficiency, capacity, and product quality.
  • Prepare the scope, technical specifications, and budget for manufacturing projects for your team.
  • Weekly workload monitoring, prioritizing, adjusting, and allocating.
  • Keep stakeholders updated on project progress.
  • Offer technical support to production and shop floor teams.
  • Improve Right First Time KPI and work towards a zero-defect culture.
  • Work towards developing processes that are repeatable and reproduceable.
  • Work closely with operations department to implement lean manufacturing techniques to find ways to eliminate wastes throughout the production system.
  • Improve efficiency through analysis and planning of workflow, space requirements, equipment layout and logistics flow.
  • Devise efficient systems that integrate workers, machines, materials, information, and energy to assemble the product.
  • Drive line optimization, timings bottleneck studies and improve current procedures.
  • Build and maintain strong professional relationships and establish strong feedback loops between production, quality, NPI, design and customer service teams.
  • Assist with the planning, purchase and implementation of new equipment and technologies.
  • Consider new and innovative ideas to drive enhanced operational activities across the enterprise.

Managerial duties

  • Enforce correct working practices within the team, such as document standards and control and HSE requirements.
  • Focus the team to meet delivery, performance, and improvement targets for each project.
  • Define roles and responsibilities within your team.
  •  Recruitment of new engineers
  •  Management of appraisal, promotions, disciplinaries, training and the general career development of team members

Skills and Requirements

  • Proven demonstrable experience in process/industrial/continuous improvement engineering.
  • Technical knowledge and experience of LEAN principles and other manufacturing theories
  • Problem solving experience using Root Cause Analysis, DMAIC or other techniques.
  • Exceptional self-motivation and a pro-active confidence needed to identify and prioritise work.
  • Project management skills and the ability to balance short-term firefighting with long term improvement projects.
  • Prior people management experience is advantageous.
  • Excellent understanding of engineering principles.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to produce clear, precise instructions.
  • Ability to work in a team or alone and unsupervised as needed.
  • A hands-on practical approach, ability to work with tools and machinery if required.
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety law and best practice.
  • Good stakeholder management.

The Person

The person fulfilling this role will be expected to develop their own competences, deliver results within agreed timescales, and ensure all work is done to the highest standards. They must be consistent in the manner they tackle all tasks which are given to them and be able to create practical procedures which ensure that all projects are completed accurately.

The successful candidate must be able to establish and build relationships with others by listening to what they have to say and then act. They must give support and practical advice in areas where experience and knowledge are needed.

The ideal candidate will have the focus and drive to achieve targets, budgets, and results. They must assert their authority when necessary to ensure agreed deadlines are achieved. They will draw conclusions by probing and contemplate the consequences of any action that is likely to be taken by proving the reliability of the information available.

The successful individual will be persistent and can see a job through to conclusion. They will be systematic, methodical, organised, factual, shrewd, hardworking. They will work within clearly defined parameters and drive to achieve results.


A degree in Engineering or a related field is desirable. The ability to demonstrate a solid engineering background in a relevant environment is essential, with at least 3 years’ experience in manufacturing.

Job Profile

Steadiness (High S)

  • Individuals who possess attributes of patience, persistence, and predictability.
  • Support and servicing skills are important to the function of this role.
  • Consistency and reliability are key for the demands of this role.

Compliance (High C)

  • A thorough, disciplined, and detailed working style will be needed for this role.
  • The logical and detailed analysis of data and processes is a key component for this role.
  • The ability to comply with clearly defined rules and policies.
  • A cautious and detailed approach towards task completion will be required.

Dominance (High D)

  • The ability to solve problems and implement appropriate remedial measures is a necessary requirement for this role.
  • An assertive, but not an aggressive, style will need to be adopted.
  • The ability to set tough goals may be an important role requirement.
  • Reacting quickly to change is desirable.

Influence (Low I)

  • Able to create and nurture friendly short-term social relationships.
  • Able to be analytical, sceptical, and objective.
  • A communication and presentation style based on hard data and careful analysis will be preferred to one relying more on poise and charismatic influence.

About the Company

The Brompton is acknowledged worldwide as the finest bicycle of its type. This excellence, combined with a resurgence in cycling for transport, means we are enjoying strong, sustained growth. If we are to continue to thrive, we need to recruit great people who can drive innovation of our products and the processes used to make them. We are proud of our bicycles and enjoy using them.

Brompton Bicycle manufactures in its factory in West London. We export 80% of our production to 44 countries around the globe and intend to produce over 50,000 bikes this year.

If you have enthusiasm, thrive on being given responsibility and want to make great products that make a difference to people’s lives, we can offer you a job you won’t find anywhere else.

Job requirements

If you have enthusiasm, thrive on being given responsibility and want to make great products that make a difference to people’s lives, we can offer you a job you won’t find anywhere else.