Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Job description

Job Purpose

Tasked with investigating, developing, and implementing solutions to issues throughout the factory, the Senior Manufacturing Engineer will be responsible in leading projects that contribute towards improving manufacturing efficiencies safely by utilizing lean manufacturing and continuous improvement techniques. While this role will be responsible for the entire factory floor, it will focus on manufacturing processes. 

Main duties

  • Lead continuous improvement projects to improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality
  • Offer technical support and rapid problem-solving skills to production and shop floor teams
  • Improve Right First Time KPI and work towards a zero-defect culture
  • Work towards developing processes that are repeatable and reproduceable
  • Work closely with operations department to implement lean manufacturing techniques to find ways to eliminate wastes throughout the production system
  • Improve efficiency through analysis and planning of workflow, space requirements, equipment layout and logistics flow
  • Devise efficient systems that integrate workers, machines, materials, information and energy to assemble the product
  • Drive line optimization, timings bottleneck studies and improve current procedures
  • Build and maintain strong professional relationships and establish strong feedback loops between production, quality, NPI, design and customer service teams
  • Assist with the planning, purchase and implementation of new equipment and technologies
  • Consider new and innovative ideas to drive enhanced operational activities across the enterprise

Job requirements

Skills and Requirements

  • Proven demonstrable experience in process/industrial/continuous improvement engineering
  • Technical knowledge and experience of LEAN principles and other manufacturing theories
  • Problem solving experience using Root Cause Analysis, DMAIC or other techniques
  • Exceptional self-motivation and a pro-active confidence needed to identify and prioritise work
  • Project management skills and the ability to balance short-term firefighting with long term improvement projects
  • Excellent understanding of engineering principles
  • Good communication skills and the ability to produce clear, precise instructions
  • Ability to work in a team or alone and unsupervised as needed
  • A hands-on practical approach, ability to work with tools and machinery if required
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety law and best practice
  • Good stakeholder management