Quality Systems Manager

Job description

To develop, implement and manage the company’s Integrated Management System (IMS) encompassing ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001.

Main duties

  • Develop a Smart System to manage the company’s IMS
  • Prepare the IMS to achieve certification across the three standards as an IMS
  • Manage and maintain the IMS
  • Coordinate IMS documentation throughout the company ensuring updates and archiving
  • Monitor IMS Policies and updating as necessary
  • Ensure all process and business guidelines meet the ISO Standards
  • Manage the internal auditing program
  • Lead the tracking and reporting of quality system metrics

The Person

The person occupying this role will be able to meet and build relationships with people with ease and use researched information when solving problems and apply logic when handling conflict. The ideal person will take on an energetic and proactive working style and seek to get things done while dealing with a variety of tasks.

The successful candidate will be expected to support those who need assistance and encourages others to perform to the highest standards to complete tasks. They will be able to remain confident when dealing with challenging situations and encourage others to come up with creative and practical solutions to problems that may arise. The ideal candidate will be able to commit themselves to the task at hand and go beyond the limit to achieve their key objectives.

Brompton utilises Personal Profile Analysis and Psychometric Assessment during the recruitment process. This allows to identify the ideal behavioural requirements for each job function in terms of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The ideal behavioural profile for this role is set out below:

Influence (High I)

  • The ability to establish and cultivate inter-personal relationships and participate with others is advantageous to this role.
  • The ability to create positive and friendly workplace will be expected of the person occupying this role.
  • Influencing and motivational skills are critical requirements for this role.

Compliance (High C)

  • The candidate will take a conventional, systematic, and tactical approach to variety of tasks.
  • Compliance with corporate values and culture could be critical to long-term success.
  • The candidate will carefully consider their approach to problem solving.
  • Technical interests, specialist skills and experience are important to this role.

Dominance (High D)

  • The successful will be expected to deal with strong characters.
  • An assertive, but not an aggressive, working style may be a requirement for this role.
  • Timely decision taking skills and experience are needed for this role.

Steadiness (Low S)

  • The ability to demonstrate flexibility in approach and persistence to complete assignments on time are important to this role.
  • An energetic working style is needed for the more dynamic and fast paced demands of this job.

Job requirements

Skills and Experience


  • Extensive experience in implementing complex Certified Management Systems within an Engineering sector
  • Ability to actively engage in quality related Change programs and activities to facilitate a culture of evolution, learning and continuous improvement
  • A deep understanding of the standards and the ability to translate across the business
  • Experience in project management to drive improvement activities
  • Ability to lead projects to drive updating of legacy process and automation of quality systems and to streamline process and procedural workflows

Strongly Desired

  • Excellent communication skills, providing a highly professional approach, building positive relationships with internal departments
  • Knowledge of Lean Six Sigma
  • Knowledge of UK & EU Regulations
  • Proficiency in all MS Office packages including Word, Excel, Outlook, Project & PowerPoint
  • Experienced in industry standards, procedures, and practices.