Quality Engineer

Job description

The role

Ensure that Brompton processes are developed, realised and verified in-line with the design intent and voice of the customer. Work as part of the Internal Quality team managing and improving Parts, Production and Product Quality to support the Brompton Connected Quality vision. Work in a dynamic team environment with internal suppliers/customers to develop and implement best practices that emphasise defect prevention, reduction in variation and waste and provide for continuous improvements in meeting all customer requirements. Drive Root Cause Analysis and provide robust and permanent corrective factions to prevent line stops due to Quality Issues.

Manage the customer specific requirements and offer technical support to internal functions. Responsible for ensuring that the products produced meet quality standards required to minimise quality costs and maximise Customer satisfaction whilst ensuring that procedures and processes are adhered to. Maintain the robustness of product builds following New Product Introduction to ensure continuity and improvement in supplier capability.

Work on multiple phases or sub-tasks of projects or entire projects of high complexity, with results impacting on project completion. Work reviewed at Project milestones and/or on completion by Senior Management.


Key Responsibilities:

General and Task Management

  • NCM (Non-Conforming material) Management - leading the Material Review Board (MRB). Ensure proper handling of non-conformities and customer complaints, assuring that the root causes are clearly defined and that corrective actions are put in place and accomplished, and that necessary documentation is properly prepared and distributed. This includes managing and operating the concession/NCR process.
  • Investigation and Root Cause Analysis – Lead Brompton A3 and 8D processes.
  • Corrective and Preventive action (CAPA) – Lead cross-functional corrective action and/or continuous improvement teams in significant quality activities or programs. Perform in-process verification of Corrective Actions & Preventative Actions of Quality Issues. Promote the use of preferred techniques for Continuous Improvement such as Lean, Six-Sigma, Poke-Yoke (Error Proofing), Measurement System Analysis, and Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Lead the Brompton approval process by assessing manufacturing/technology capabilities and Health, Safety and Environmental risks – Plan, conduct and report internal audits as per the audit plan (ISO 9001, 45000, 14001). Manage findings in line with a 24-hour containment, 5-day corrective and 30-day preventive plan.
  • Control of Documented Information – take ownership of Business Management System documentation, maintaining and improving documentation to support the process.
  • Support Implementation of Brompton integrated management system (ISO 9001, 45000, 14001)
  • Deploy significant quality expertise to provide tangible benefit to the organisation (product cost, quality, metrics etc.) Report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to adhere to Process and prevent occurrence of any non-conformity relating to product, process or system
  • Support the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process. Provide concise, complete and accurate documentation of Inspection Results relative to area of responsibility. In appropriate functional areas, this refers to supporting inspection and test status requirements defined by Regulations, engineering product specifications or Control Plans, Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) approval or Part Submission Warrant.
  • Work with Engineering (Design and Manufacturing Engineers) team to define process parameters and criteria to ensure Process Capability is effective to meet product and process requirements
  • Facilitate the escalation of unresolved quality issues within assigned projects and processes
  • Support the Customer Quality Manager to monitor and report on product Quality and performance
  • Deliver training of quality awareness internally
  • Assist with first off sample approvals
  • Undertake special projects as required
  • Write reports and present progress at project meetings and to clients
  • Achieve goals within budget
  • Conduct benchmarking studies to determine best practices/designs and future trends
  • Produce written reports and provide presentations where necessary
  • Communicate efficiently throughout the supplier management
  • Calibration – knowledge and experience managing a calibration/verification program


  • Comply with the Health, Safety and Environmental Policies
  • Confident, Assertive, optimistic, resilient and welcomes change
  • Engages interest and participation of others and has a collaborative approach to working with others. Strong interpersonal skills/relationship management, able to influence individuals in other areas of the business (Design/Development/Manufacturing) Develop and maintain strong relationships with internal and external Stakeholders to ensure optimal performance
  • Proactively contributes to the team
  • Self-aware and emotionally intelligent
  • Shows moral courage, openness and honesty in all dealings
  • Uses data and analysis to make reasoned decisions
  • A driven, motivated self-starter who’s confident and experienced in technical Quality management.


Job requirements

Skills & Attributes:

  • Knowledge of quality and business systems
  • Strong knowledge of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Lean Manufacturing knowledge
  • Knowledge of ISO9001/ISO18001
  • Understanding of ISO14001
  • Knowledge of measurement techniques (Including hand equipment and CMM)
  • Understanding and interpretation of engineering drawings (GD&T)
  • Understanding of manufacturing processes
  • Ability to work in a diverse and dynamic environment
  • Planning and prioritising activities
  • Strong communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to present data effectively
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Understanding of Health and Safety practices
  • Team working skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Strong understanding of cost and financial impacts

Qualifications and Experience Levels:

  • Degree preferred, HNC or equivalent experience in similar role
  • Substantial experience in a volume manufacturing environment,
  • At least 5 years’ experience working in a Quality role
  • Internal Auditor certification
  • Green belt or higher preferred
  • APQP/PPAP Experience required

The Person

The successful candidate will be expected to motivate people to perform to the highest standards and providing them with recognition for a job well done while providing constructive feedback for further improvements. They will be required to coach and support those who may need assistance and create an innovative and positive atmosphere which encourages people to commit to the tasks provided and achieve their key objectives.

The ideal candidate will remain confident when dealing with difficult situations, convince others to participate in group creative sessions to come up with the best possible solutions to any issues that may arise. They will be required to collect all the relevant information before making decisions or by conscientiously testing things and trying different alternative ideas and successfully implanting action to resolve the problem.

The successful person will always be alert to the changing situations around them and remain flexible in their approach whilst constantly creating a culture of continuous improvement and achieve results.

The person fulfilling this role should have the drive to achieve results in a friendly manner but ensure they maintain quality and standards. The person must enjoy challenging situations and take a systematic approach to problems. The person will be confident, self-starter, inquisitive, factual and self-disciplined. But flexibility, adaptability and pace are important aspect of this role. The ideal candidate will be cautious when making decision and strive for perfection.


Job Profile

Brompton utilises Personal Profile Analysis and Psychometric Assessments during the recruitment process to identify the behaviour requirements and working styles of our job functions. Below outlines the four basic characteristics generally displayed in the working environment.

Influence (High I)

  • The effective use of self-confidence and persuasion are important characteristics demanded by this position.
  • Good verbal communication is one of the most important requirements this role.
  • Taking leadership to achieving goals and objectives will be vital for this roleThe ability to form friendly and trusting relationships

Compliance (High C)

  • A thorough, disciplined and detailed working style is required for this role
  • The logical and detailed analysis of data and processes is likely to be a key component of this job.
  • The person will naturally be conservative and comply with clearly defined rules and regulations
  • A cautious and detailed approach towards task completion is needed

Dominance (High D)

  • A competitive attitude will be required from time to time
  • The person in this role will be required to stand up to challenges from others sometimes
  • An assertive and direct working style will be a requirement for this.