Mechanical Engineer (Motors)

Job description

Brompton is seeking a Mechanical Engineer to join our Electric Systems department. The role will be responsible for mechanical motor technologies, definition of requirements and driving delivery of implementations on Brompton product lines. The role will also support research to assist in developing the shape of Brompton’s future technical direction with respect to motor solutions. Tasks may include motor development, analysis, customisation and selection. The successful candidate will be a centre of knowledge and technical expertise for motors. The Mechanical Engineer will explore development and supply options through tear-down, testing, analysis, and comparison of both internally developed and off-the-shelf motors, and will work closely with motor suppliers to drive improvements. Within the Electric Systems team, the Mechanical Engineer will work closely with the system engineers and the rest of the software and electronic engineering team to match motor capabilities and product requirements. The successful candidate will work on optimising performance and cost to deliver excellent electric-assisted bicycles to thousands of riders.


The general duties and responsibilities are:

  • Optimising the design and performance of motors designed by Brompton and development partners
  • Defining motor related requirements
  • Seeking out information to assist with the selection of motors
  • Performing analysis and tear-down of off-the-shelf motors to quantify performance and understand areas of strength and weakness
  • Defining test equipment requirements needed to run thorough motor investigations
  • Assisting the support engineers in creating & commissioning appropriate test rigs for motor-specific testing
  • Researching performance-affecting factors like wear-out, extreme use, temperature
  • Quantifying and optimising characteristics such as output torque, ingress protection, and noise, vibration & harshness.
  • Pursuing opportunities to reduce motor weight and cost
  • Collaborating closely with product designers and system engineers to ensure motor selection is correct for the product needs

Job requirements


  • Excellent engineering science fundamentals: materials, stresses, drives and transmission systems
  • Ability to fluently use a 3D CAD package, ideally Solidworks
  • Strong mechanical engineering background with experience of the development process
  • Experience of working on motors preferred
  • Experience of simulation FEA
  • Experience of using testing to guide engineering investigations & improvements
  • Understanding of engineering drawing control and ability to understand mechanical drawings is essential
  • Understanding of gear design theory and or application preferred
  • Experience of optimising for noise, vibration and harshness is an advantage
  • Experience of taking a product through to production is an advantage
  • Familiarity with electronic aspects of motor drive systems is an advantage
  • Familiarity with electric pedal assisted bicycle technology is an advantage


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant engineering discipline or equivalent.
  • 5 years of relevant industry experience
  • An interest in cycling and a passion for creating truly useful products that improve people’s lives