Manufacturing Engineer - Sourcing

Job description

Brompton Bicycle Ltd has a small but expanding satellite site in Sheffield (‘BFL’) with eight operators responsible for welding titanium bicycle frame components as found on our lightweight bicycle models. The Sheffield operation is a Joint Venture with a local aerospace company.

This role will be the primary operations support for the entire Sheffield outfit. The work will be mainly manufacturing engineering based and will include short-term production support and longer-term continuous improvement projects, but there will also be incidental tasks which cover material supply, logistics and quality. This role will have no immediate managerial duties, it will work alongside the Production Manager who is responsible for the welding operators.

Brompton’s main factory is in Greenford, West London and this is where the Manufacturing Engineering team is based. The position will report to the London team; they will likely spend half their time on site in Sheffield and the other half in London, sometimes with long periods at either site (accommodation will be provided). For this reason, we will consider candidates based in Sheffield or London.

Main duties

  • Offer technical support and problem-solving skills to the production team; be the first line defence for any technical issues that arise.
  • Undertake continuous improvement projects to improve the efficiency and quality of manufacture.
  • Monitor Statistical Process Control, improve the Right First Time KPI and work towards a zero-defect culture.
  • Implement robust process control and be responsible for manufacturing change control and traceability.
  • Provide analytical support by calculating labour and material costs; report KPI’s and progress updates on a weekly basis.
  • Be responsible for the floorplan and layout; plan the workflow, space requirements, stock locations, Kanban sizes and equipment layouts. Be responsible for future expansions of the site.
  • Assist with the planning, purchase and implementation of new equipment and technologies, including preparing business cases and requirement forecasts.
  • Work closely with the Quality Assurance team to ensure that defects are minimised, recorded and acted upon. Perform formal Root Cause Analysis reports when necessary.
  • Work closely with the Customer Services team to establish a robust feedback loop and prioritise improvements based on faults reported from customers.
  • Work closely with the Purchasing and Logistics departments to ensure that raw material supply is secured (including liaising with suppliers), and that welded frames are delivered on time.
  • Review internal processes and perform make/buy decisions; assist with the outsourcing of operations where appropriate, assist in finding and vetting suppliers.
  • Work closely with the in-house Tooling & Equipment department to specify requirements for jigs and fixtures, perform validation trials, produce and execute installation plans and train operators.
  • Work closely with the NPI team and produce impact analyses for any changes to the product or for new products to be manufactured. Assist in the planning, testing and introduction of these new products, and then be responsible for receiving their handover when ready for production.
  • Work closely with the Design department; provide Design-for-manufacture feedback during the design process, produce and maintain bills of process for the BFL operations to assist with design decisions, provide robust feedback on the ease of manufacture to help prioritise design improvements.
  • Produce Standard Operating Procedures, Process Flows and other controlled documents.
  • Prepare technical resources for training purposes and assist with operator training.

Job Profile

Brompton utilises Personal Profile Analysis and Psychometric Assessment during the recruitment process. This allows to identify the ideal behavioural requirements for each job function in terms of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. The ideal behavioural profile for this role is set out below:

Influence (High I)

  • The ability to establish and cultivate inter-personal relationships and participate with others is advantageous to this role.
  • The ability to create positive and friendly workplace will be expected of the person occupying this role.
  • Influencing and motivational skills are critical requirements for this role.

Compliance (High C)

  • The candidate will take a conventional, systematic and tactical approach to variety of tasks.
  • Compliance with corporate values and culture could be critical to long-term success.
  • The candidate will carefully consider their approach to problem solving.
  • Technical interests, specialist skills and experience are important to this role.

Dominance (High D)

  • The successful will be expected to deal with strong characters.
  • An assertive, but not an aggressive, working style may be a requirement for this role.
  • Some timely decision taking skills and experience are needed for this role.

Steadiness (Low S)

  • The ability to demonstrate flexibility in approach and persistence to complete assignments on time are important to this role.
  • An energetic working style is needed for the more dynamic and fast paced demands of this job.

    Job requirements

    Skills and Requirements

    • A broad knowledge of a variety of operational activities and procedures.
    • Technical experience of LEAN principles and other manufacturing theories.
    • Problem solving experience using Root Cause Analysis, DMAIC or other techniques.
    • Exceptional self-motivation and a pro-active confidence to identify and prioritise work.
    • Project management skills and the ability to balance short-term fire-fighting with long term improvement projects.
    • Excellent understanding of mechanical and engineering principals.
    • Good communication skills and the ability to quickly build working relationships.
    • Independent and entrepreneurial spirit. Ability to work in a team or alone and unsupervised as needed.
    • The emotional intelligence to effectively work across three business cultures (Brompton, BFL and the joint venture partner).
    • A hands-on practical approach, ability to work with tools and machinery if required.
    • Knowledge of Health and Safety law and best practice.


    • The ability to demonstrate a solid engineering background in a relevant environment is essential, with at least 3 years’ experience in manufacturing.
    • A degree in Engineering or a related field is desirable.
    • Manufacturing related qualifications, e.g. Six Sigma Green belt, IOSH, are desirable.