Junior Design Engineer – Tooling & Equipment

Job description


We manufacture all our Brompton bike frame parts in London and assemble them into bikes on several production lines. We develop tooling and equipment together, by encouraging everyone to bring in their experience and creativity, so that our customers enjoy a quality product, and more bikes can be produced in a given amount of time, therefore fulfilling a growing demand for our products. We are providing the knowledge, tooling and equipment to build a successful and long-lasting product. We are providing solutions to modernise and improve the current production processes, to be more competitive than ever before. We are a highly diverse and interpersonal team who will now further grow to best support our production and any new bike design. We really value having people that are committed to our core value of creating urban freedom for happier lives.

Here is what an ordinary day might look like:

  • You are starting your day on the production line to learn more about the current process/problem, the used tools and their functions.
  • By receiving a design request, you are starting to set up your project by defining the scope and creating an initial schedule, which will support you to track your own progress.
  • Research and conceptualisation on your own and as part of the wider team will help you to prepare a concept pitch to your stakeholders.
  • In the middle of the day, you are then transferring the common agreed concept into a working 3D model with consideration to all relevant mechanical design principles.
  • Your understanding of manufacturing engineering and health and safety will help you to design a smart tool that is manufacturable, easy to assemble, easy to use and safe in its usage.
  • You will encourage your team members to bring in their experience and ideas, therefore enabling you to provide a meaningful design pitch that supports the well documented requirements.
  • Your ongoing fit, material and surface treatment selections will support you to create informative drawings, ready for manufacturing the parts externally or internally by either your peers or yourself.
  • You will have active contact with our suppliers and receive ongoing feedback about manufacturability.
  • After all parts are available, you are learning more about your design by assembling all the single components and sub-assemblies together into the general assembly in our in-house tool room.
  • As all our tooling and equipment are prototypes, we learn from each design and build, we use mistakes to grow knowledge as part of a team.
  • If the tool meets the requirements in the initial testing it is ready for production use, if not, project peers will provide you with further feedback to develop the design to a state where it is suitable for production.
  • Further necessary actions will be initiated by you to make your tool a complete success story.
  • At the end of your day, your tool is ready for further validation and production integration.

Skills and Knowledge

  • If you do not have a natural passion for manufacturing related mechanical design engineering, this isn’t the right job for you.
  • Driven by your passion, you are a self-motivated person who strives to find solutions for manufacturing/technical problem statements, with the support of your peers and mentor.
  • Working in teams is essential for our success, which means we are looking for team players who will grow, develop together and align with our culture.
  • You should bring in or develop your own competences in areas like dimensional management, design methodology, data science, electrical engineering, pneumatics, automation, or fields which will provide potential opportunities for you and our way of manufacturing.
  • As you are a hands-on person the usage of hand tools, pillar drills, callipers and various other tooling should be second nature.
  • Health and safety is not only important in our factories, but the health and safety of the application you are designing for should be a significant factor in your design.
  • Skilled in 3D and 2D CAD design, either from your educational or work experience background, together with the power of imagination is essential.
  • Strive to use the right materials for the right purpose in combination with functional and relevant standard machine elements.
  • Able to understand ergonomic requirements as well as providing a solution fulfilling Lean principles such as Poka-Yoke or 5S.
  • Capacity to embrace change and quickly adapt to new situations, changes in direction, and altering priorities.
  • You can communicate clearly and provide, with guidance of your mentor, concept/design pitches in front of stakeholders.
  • Ideas, experiences, and feedback from your colleagues (engineers or operators) you encounter should be treated as a gift that enriches your design.

Job requirements

Education / Experience

You either have:

  • a degree in Engineering (mechanical, design, mechatronics, automation, industrial, etc.) and have recently graduated


  • an HNC or HND and three years’ experience in mechanical design engineering

What is in for you?

  • You will be part of our development program, where you will be mentored throughout your journey.
  • Getting more hands-on practice in our tool room.
  • Develop yourself and getting specialised in an area which you are interested in, aligned to the companies and teams’ vision and strategy.
  • Potential to play a significant role in the next chapter in the Brompton story

What we are expect from your application

As a passionate, intelligent junior designer, present to us your design portfolio, which can include any educational or practical projects, along with your CV. In addition, we are keen to learn more about your interests in manufacturing-related design and why you think Brompton is the perfect place for you to thrive.