Head of Programme Management

Job description

Head of Program Management 


Brompton is a business that is expanding rapidly, is highly vertically integrated and is tackling projects of increasing complexity. We are a business with an outstanding opportunity in front of us and need to be world class in our delivery in order to deliver against this. The Head of Programs will support Brompton’s C-level executives (‘Chiefs’) and directors in creating and managing the major projects that will enable the firm to achieve its strategic objectives.

These projects will include programs in all departments including sales channel, production capacity, product development, IT and marketing/events

The role is focussed on supporting stakeholders at all level of the business, developing the processes tools and communications necessary for Brompton to achieve optimal and ensuring they are applied well. These processes must be lean and effective. We will develop a culture of discipline and entrepreneurship, not a runaway bureaucracy.

The Head of Programs will report to the CEO and work closely with the Chiefs group, Directors, Project Managers and the Functional department heads to ensure the timely delivery of projects to scope and schedule.


  • Work with the Chiefs to identify and prioritise the strategic projects that deliver the companies objectives. Ensure departmental strategic projects reflect Brompton’s strategic priorities and highlighting any exceptions to Chiefs group

  • Establishing and reviewing key strategic priorities and translating them into a comprehensive strategic plan in relation to project delivery.

  • Responsible for ensuring the planned resource in Brompton aligns with the strategic goals of the company.

  • Implementing a consistent organisation-wide project delivery framework based on a phase-gate model.

  • Support Program Leads and Managers with delivering gate reviews. Ensure all departments use gate reviews when they should. Responsible for the format of gate reviews being fit for purpose. Responsible for ensuring stages can be tailored as appropriate

  • Implementing reporting structure and appropriate interaction cycle to keep Chiefs and Directors group informed of project progress against scope, budget and schedule.

  • Ensure program managers have the tools to progress their programs and that systematic roadblocks are removed.

  • Ensure the level of project management is appropriate to the scale and risk level of projects. Ensure flexibility and application of pragmatism are not lost.

  • Responsible for the system of resource management. That is it usable and appropriate. That it is properly used by functional heads and program managers.

  • Responsible for making sure programs have had a proper estimation of resource needed. Making sure this resource has been secured as appropriate through phase gates. Responsible for co-ordination of resource when a shift in the timeline of one program affects others

  • Take a continuous improvement approach to project management processes and tools. Responsible for analysing the effectiveness of processes and making appropriate improvements.

  • Develop project management skills within Brompton. Manage training of staff involved with project management. Mentor junior project managers where appropriate

  • Ensure all programs release good quality information to monitor progress. Ensure KPIs are meaningful. Ensure reporting is not excessively burdensome. Ensure that information is submitted on time and in-full by PMs

  • Ensure programs manage financial data including project budgets, risks, and resource allocation.

  • Where needed provide project financial reports and budget outlines to Chiefs group

  • Ensure program documentation is good quality and appropriate. Address documentation that serves no purpose.

  • Own the project management tools and software used by Brompton. Ensure that the correct staff have access, that they are trained and they are using it effectively.

  • Forecasting challenges that can affect project delivery in advance of issues and work with program leads to develop and present solution options to Chiefs team

  • When timelines change the Head of Programs will co-ordinate the reallocation of resource and manage the knock-on effect on linked programs.

  • Develops project management processes that are straightforward, lean and effective. Support Brompton in developing a culture of discipline and entrepreneurship, not a sluggish bureaucracy.



  • Significant experience in Programme Management/Business transformation with a strong track record in delivering complex programmes from inception, within budget and specified timeframes, while ensuring customer satisfaction. Will have led multi-disciplinary, cross functional programme teams
  • Ability to distil complex information into clear set of options to drive effective and efficient decision making

  • Excellent relationship management skills, with experience of developing and sustaining high performing teams. High emotional intelligence with ability to influence outside of direct reporting channels.

  • Able to question stakeholders all levels with confidence, to arrive at a clear, unambiguous view of issues and opportunities

  • Skilled communicator
  • Exceptional leadership skills

  • Customer and Shareholder Value. Understands who their customers are and seeks to exceed their needs, encompassing both customers and employees.

  • Capacity to embrace change and quickly adapt to new situations, changes in direction, and altering priorities. Identify alternatives and make contingency plans

  • Strong commercial acumen

Job requirements


  • Qualified Prince 2 & MSP practitioner

  • Six Sigma qualified

  • Analytical and data driven problem solving skills