Job description

We are seeking an experienced tool making fabricator to help turn concept developments into ride-able products, quickly.

This means in many cases starting from scratch to make temporary fixtures and tooling that will allow for one off test frames to small and adaptable test runs.


  • You will be making prototypes which will be tested for reliability and ridden by the development team. They must be first and foremost safe to do so.
  • You will also be making sample jointing methods and test pieces to prove out new methods of manufacture.
  • Work with the design team to turn concepts into test products.
  • Help in the design of adjustable fixtures allowing for differing geometries to be quickly tested
  • Manual wheel building and Prototype finalisation (full bike building) where necessary (Training can be provided).
  • Maintain jig and tooling register where required for modular fixture comportment.
  • Procurement of and stock control of tooling materials
  • Throughout your role you will mainly liaise with:
    • Design and development team
    • Workshop team

Job requirements


  • Proven experience in welding in thin wall Aluminium and steel
  • Experience of heat treatment and hardening an advantage.
  • brazing experience is an advantage, but raining will be provided if necessary,
  • Ability to design and make fixtures for use in rapid prototyping.
  • Ability to accurately set up temporary weld fixtures for complex frameworks and structures.
  • Ability to work Mill and lathe safely.
  • Ability to follow and where necessary create, engineering drawings for jig manufacture.
  • Experience of workshop management, material procurement and tooling control an advantage.
  • Experience of 3D printing is an advantage.
  • A sound understanding of the health and safety aspects of custom fabrication and an ability to enforce them across the team.
  • Painting and finishing skills an advantage.


Recognised professional welding qualification.