Accounts Technician

Job description

We are looking for someone to come in and ensure our accounting and reporting to our shareholder and external stakeholders is top notch. Working closely with the Retail Finance Business Partner and the other members of the finance team. You will predominantly support the accounting function for a number of our retail subsidiaries and Brompton Bike Hire business – a customer centric approach to the finance function is therefore essential!

The person

The occupant should be a self-starter, who is capable of managing internal and external deadlines across multiple organisations. The person in this role should be methodical, thorough, enjoy challenging situations and have the persistence to see a job through to conclusion. Getting things right, attention to detail, ensuring quality and standards are met and reducing error to a minimum are important factors in this position. Researching and gathering facts, working with formulas and to specifications. The successful candidate will be a logical and systematic person, conventional, accurate, shrewd, methodical, dependable, self-starter, serious, probing, objective, self-reliant, and inquisitive by nature.

Competences required for the role should include the ability to:

  • Search out errors, rectify omissions, perfect systems and procedures which will ultimately raise the quality and standards of all tasks undertaken.
  • Provide practical advice and solutions to problems and ensure that tasks are followed through, loose ends are tied up and the job is completed.

Main duties

  • Assisting in the preparation of accounts in multiple currencies.
  • Dealing with basic bookkeeping for the retail business.
  • Processing and paying invoices.
  • Record receipts and payments.
  • Preparing and reconciling ledger balances and other monthly and yearly accounts.
  • Completing and submitting VAT returns, and National Statistic Surveys.
  • Handling employee expenses.

Job requirements

Skills and Requirements

  • AAT qualified (Level 2 minimum)
  • Experience of accounting retail or ecommerce.
  • Ability to complete a series of tasks, often according to a schedule.
  • Experience with Xero/Quickbooks and/or larger ERP systems.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Experience in multi-currency environment.
  • 2-3 years in a similar role.
  • An advocate of quality, continual improvement and automation.
  • Organised, with the ability to prioritise tasks, manage their own projects and allocate their time according to business objectives.
  • Proactive and flexible approach; willing to contribute to the ongoing development of the business.
  • Strong excel skills and/or basic SQL knowledge.

Job Profile

Brompton utilises Personal Profile Analysis and Psychometric Assessments during the recruitment process to identify the behavior requirements and working styles of our job functions. Below outlines the 4 basic characteristics generally displayed in the working environment. This job profile will allow all candidates to decide if they fit the profile for the role.

Compliance (High C)

  • Compliance with corporate values and culture is critical to long-term success.
  • Successful candidate will be systematic and precise in this role
  • A cautious and carefully considered approach to problem solving is an important role requirement.
  • Technical interests, skills and experience are some of the more important characteristics required for this role.

Steadiness (High S)

  • This job will best be filled by people who appear calm and self-controlled under most circumstances
  • Sincere concern for others and the ability to work comfortably within a team or work-group will strongly favour applicants for this post.
  • This job requires the special ability to regularly finish assignments and take tasks through to their natural conclusion.
  • Structure, persistence and stability are important components of this job.
  • This position, with few exceptions, will provide an environment characterised by security, proven methodology and specialisation.
  • Good day-to-day planning capabilities are an essential for this role

Dominance (High D)

  • The ability to solve problems and implement appropriate remedial measures would benefit the incumbent.
  • An assertive, but not an aggressive, style could be a requirement of this post.
  • The ability to set tough goals may be an important role requirement.
  • Reacting quickly to change will be viewed in a positive light.

Influence (Low I)

  • It will seldom be a requirement for the incumbent to have to create and nurture friendly, possibly superficial, and short-term social relationships.
  • Social interaction and the day-to-day application of charm are not important components of this role.
  • Being analytical, sceptical and even objectively aloof will be advantageous at times.
  • The person in this role will not often be called upon to engage in social and self-promoting activities in this position.
  • A communication and presentation style based on hard data and careful analysis will be preferred to one relying more on poise and charismatic influence.